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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Things Have Changed

I'm not done with Easter yet!
Our celebration was fantastic!
We were able to celebrate quietly and peacefully at home for the morning! Enjoying the Easter candy that was in their baskets and flying their kites and even making a dish to take to the family party!

On holidays where someone leaves a gift or two, we have a rule that everyone comes down together! That doesn't mean that I know if someone snuck down early! It means that, so Mommy can take pictures we wait for everyone! This gets more difficult as they get older and the excitement wears off :(
But they do it for my sake and I appreciate it!
The actual getting everyone to come down at the same time this year, was far different than any other year!
First, he waits.....

then she joins him (or I guess, it's they join him)............

then he has to pee and she waits alone

then that big one, who really enjoys his sleep, joins her and waits for the lil one..........

then they are all together...........finally

Now, they can come down!

Finally, we get to play......

It's still fun, it's just different as they get older!

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  1. Watch out for those stairs...Im having flashbacks!!