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Saturday, April 17, 2010


Make no mistake, this isn't the end!
This is the point where I finally get to schedule my full body massage!!
Back in OCTOBER, I started a new life-style change. One where I would lose weight and not beat up on myself for not following all of the rules, all the time! A journey where, day-by-day, I chose a little better! My journey, so far, has had good and bad choices and lots of reminding myself, not to beat-up on me! Once the beating starts the journey ends, for me! So this journey is faaaaarrrr different from all of my other weight-loss journeys! I feel like this one is serious and on-track, even though, it isn't timely!
Anywho, back to my FULL BODY MASSAGE.....I promised myself that when I lost 20 pounds, I would schedule a massage! I did it, I finally did it! I have been fighting this last three pounds for months. I posted awhile back about sabotaging myself and that post spoke right back to me, day in and day out! I'm so thankful it was placed on my heart to post. That post made a difference, it helped me keep my commitment to myself.
I'm excited and concerned. I've lost 20 pounds, that's an accomplishment, right? I've got more than 20 more to go (I want to see where I am after the next 20 and make my decision then), my personal trainer says a total of 35 pounds lost would be fine, when I went to her, I had a different number in mind, so we settled on 40 pounds and then a reevaluation!
But hey, after my next 20 pounds, I promised myself a get-away, a weekend get-away! I think maybe to visit family or something, but a get-away is something I haven't allowed myself to do, so a get-away for the next 20 pounds.
After My full body massage---------HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Sweet! Why didn't I think of setting a goal and reward for myself? I'm just doing it because I HAVE to, and that's sucking all the fun (is there fun in it??) out of it. I'm only in the beginning (again) though, so I guess it's not too late.
    Congrats on reaching your goal!