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Monday, November 10, 2008

Being With the Girls

I love the time away, when I get to act like a girl. Not a mom, wife, employee, supervisor, just act like one of the "Girls".

I got to do that last night, and when we are able to make all of our schedules work, or at least some of our schedules work, it is just fun! I like that I get to go out and be a little silly, Laugh out Loud, LOUDLY, tell funny stories, hear even funnier stories and just let my guard down! I enjoy that time, I love, love love all my rolls as Wife, Mom, Supervisor, Employee, Woman, I enjoy every one of them! Once in a while it is just so much fun to be a "GIRL"!

Thank God, there aren't any pictures and we actually set up the next "girls night" and it sounds like it might even happen!

Once in a while, isn't it just sooo much fun to let loose?!!

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  1. We all need a night out like that once in awhile. I think I'm going to need one of those soon myself!