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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day....

Mother's Day was sooo cool! Best one for me yet!
Instead of working midnights on Saturday night I was asked if I wanted to work afternoons, so I could sleep in on Mother's Day and be there in the morning! Yep, that is what I want to do! So we switched and I worked afternoons. To my surprise the Supervisor for midnights, that night, was seen driving into the parking lot at 800pm? What is he doing here at 800pm? I go on with my norm and continue getting my trains ready to go! We are having locomotives fail on us and running short on time (just setting the crazy scenario). The other supervisor sends an IM and writes: "can you be ready to go at 900pm?" To which I answer: "Huh, what?" The other supervisor makes his way to the Service Track office, just in time to hear another locomotive is dead, he walks over to help and discovers it is dead and needs to go back to its home for repair! Now, I am sooo not leaving, not stepping out on my responsibility! He walks in the office, where I am, and says, "See you later, have a happy Mother's Day". I continue on and let him know what is going on and he continues to tell me to leave! I finally listen, ready to cry, no one has been this nice and caring on the railroad so far. I am taken back and still can't believe that not only do I not have to work midnights, but now I am leaving early! I think I thanked him a bazillion times!
Fast Forward, after good sleep!
My children, not until 10:45 are at my bedroom door, with two plates of breakfast and the jar of peanut butter, just in case! I wish I took pictures!
They made breakfast, together, all by themselves! I had waffles with ice cream, a tangerine (peeled and sectioned and used for garnish), toast with jelly, strawberry yogurt, and marshmallows made into a snowman and a face drawn on with chocolate syrup, and of course, some coffee! Wow, they did it all by themselves!
Next, my mom shows up at my house, I am not prepared, I don't have a card or a gift or anything and she brings "stuff" to make breakfast for us! So I suck as a daughter, but am totally blessed as a mommy! We all eat a hot breakfast together, Egg Cake, it is so yummy!
Next, we visit my MIL and are more prepared for her, flowers and a card! It was a beautiful visit and it is at GG's house so we are able to visit with extended family, nice!
But it isn't over! Hubby took me to Second City with friends and we laughed out loud, I thought this was a good show!
Now, that is the best Mother's Day yet, how will they top it next year????
Who am I kidding, with those faces, how could there ever be a "not great" Mother's Day!!


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  2. What a great Mother's Day it sounds like you had.

  3. you were loved, even from the railroaders. You earned it momma!

  4. That DOES sound like an incredible Mother's day. Which you TOTALLY deserve!! I want waffles with ice cream next year! mmmmmmmmm!!