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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Windy!

I love her unbelievably!
Yaya is amazing! She is loving, kind, sweet, compassionate, smart, inquisitive, loving, a conqueror, adorable, beautiful, fashionable, easy-going, peaceful, huggable, gorgeous, diligent, gentle, caring, goal seeking, mommy's girl, daddy's girl, an excellent granddaughter, funny, intelligent, shall I keep going? She is a good friend and loyal, I think you get it! She is all-in-all AMAZING!
She is double digits today, the big 10!
I love her dearly. Windy is named after my sister Windy!
Just a little note here, make sure you truly love and enjoy the person, you name your child after, they pick up on their attributes, if they meet their name-sake or not!
Windy, Gracie, Yaya, Katie, The Girl, Ya's all the names she has and all fit her well!
Ya's is one amazing young girl. She is going to be an amazing woman before too long!
Windy, sets goals and reaches them. Gracie isn't afraid to give hugs and kisses, no matter where you are.
Gracie, loves to watch scary movies and going to bed doesn't even shake her! Bring on the storms, cause Ya's is going to bed and nobody and nothing will stop her!
Yaya, is the best friend to go to Vegas with. She go-go-goes! She really doesn't need much sleep, unless she can get it, if there is something better than sleep going on wake her up and she is rarin to go, if not leave her be! Either way she is aokay!
Katie works hard at school, she is very diligent in her school work. Katie may not be a strait A student, but she works hard, works very hard, for every grade she receives!
The Girl is her daddies girl! She gives her daddy amazing respect and seeks his approval more than all! The relationship that Windy and Daddy share is amazing!
Windy has many names, but, all the nick-names only equal Windy! One amazing young lady!
Windy has brought so much to my life. She has taught me: How to love, LOVE out loud, how to live more and try harder! She is absolutely amazing. If you have ever had the opportunity to meet her, your life has been changed!
God has put so much into her and she continues to ask for more and uses all He gives her! Windy is amazing!
And now Windy is 10, ten, TEn, TEN! Wow!
Thank you Lord for Windy, for the teachings she shares with others! Windy is amazing. Thank you God, for pouring, overflowing, into Windy's life! We ask that you continue to pour into her! Windy is not afraid to use it, Windy is amazing! Windy is unstoppable!
Happy Birthday Yaya! I love you!


  1. Happy Birthday to Windy!! I can't believe she's 10 already!

  2. Happy Birthday, Yaya! That's the name I know her by. She is a beautiful young lady!

  3. Wow, she is a mini you! Happy Birthday Windy! Love that name Yaya...

  4. A beautiful tribute to, obviously, a very special little girl. (with a very special mother -- she's very fortunate). Happy Birthday, Windy!

  5. awwwww....Happy Birthday YAYA!! You are too adorable for words.

    I love the special relationship you have with her, sugar. ALL mama's and daughter's should be that lucky. And I so agree about naming a child after someone you love. I'm named after my mother's mom and every day of my life she tells me how much I remind her of her.


    Happy Sunday.

  6. Happy Birthday to your Windy! My son just turned 10 also. It is hard to believe how fast they grow, but it is a true pleasure to be a part of it.

  7. Hope she had a wonderful birthday! I LOVE the name Windy. It is so cute. Is it a nickname for something or her real name?