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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I thought I was jealous

turns out, I am not-so-much jealous! Maybe I thought I was missing out!

I have talked to several parents and read many of blogs on doing the Kids Homework, mostly the special projects. We have always helped our kids with homework, they never really do it alone, unless they choose to! I am talking about missing out on those special crazy projects. The major book reports that the teacher knows the parents have to help out on! I finally got one! Not by the first born, but by the second born! Of course she put it off until last minute! Putting it off, this time, would have been fine, if she would have remembered what she read! No, she didn't remember very much about the book she read! I reread the entire, ENTIRE, Ramona Quimby Age 8, by Beverly Cleary! The book was 180 pages, but in big print! We read it in a couple of hours and the report part wasn't tough! The toughest part was finding the "things" to put in her bag, because it was a "bag report"! We, I mean she, had to have stuff in her bag to represent each of the characters in the book and all of the main events in the book! I still don't know what grade we, I mean she got, but she says she will know soon!!! I thought we did an awesome job and honestly, even though we were up until 10:30pm I loved it! I was finally one of the many parents who needed to do a project!
I really did feel like I was missing out, which made me jealous! I know so many parents who have done projects for/with their children and so many who have gone as far as to do their homework, I never did! Like I said, we have always helped with homework, but it is always "traditional" homework! I really enjoyed my time with Ya's doing our project and she responded very well and it really was her own, I just reread the book to her and made sure everything made sense and tried to hurry her along, because bedtime was already missed by too much! It really was fun, but I don't want to make a habit of it! Once in a while is fun,but too much of a good thing can be detrimental to some one's health, mine or otherwise or both!
Turns out I am not-so-much jealous!


  1. I try to make them do most of the projects on their own, but I do often end up helping because some of the stuff is usually a little over their heads. And I'm kind of a perfectionist.
    I'm always so happy when "I" get an A! I'm like "I still got it!"

  2. How special that you were able to help her. I remember helping my son so many times with last minute projects and homework.

  3. I guess really am a mean mom. I don't help them at all, unless they get really stuck on a problem, and for the older two, if it's in math I couldn't help them if I wanted to. My help on major projects usually means a late night trip to Walmart for supplies. Otherwise they're on their own.
    I'm glad you had fun helping Windy. The good news is that will probably be the last report for the school year.

  4. Oh Beverly Clearly Books! I just love those books. I read them all growing up. I keep trying to get my daughter into them now, but she's stuck on these Weather Fairy books.

  5. Its great to be involved! Usually most of the projects I end up helping with are so last minute that is very stressful for everyone! Unfortunately I hear from too many teachers that the parents actually do the work - no child involved! That's nothing to be jealous of!

  6. Great thought, I guess I'll help JC, but there has to be a limit.

    Chrissy, I hop eyou have a wonderful mother's Day!