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Thursday, October 18, 2007

5 interesting things MEME

I have been tagged with 5 interesting things meme from Crooked Eyebrow. At first I was so excited and now, I'm not so sure! I'll try, I think I have already told you the interesting things about me:

1. I performed in a circus!! Really, really, when I was in high school and until I was pregnant with my first son!! I tried trampoline performance, plate spinning, assisting the girl on the bed of REAL NAILS, but my favorite was when I foot juggled!! I practiced hard and took it serious and even got half way good, I think!!

2. I have worked all parts of the restaurant business, I know you know I went to school to be a chef, but did you know I enjoyed being a waitress, bartender, baking and managing, I totally loved all of it! Being a Bartender was an awesome job, kind of like blogging but with immediate comments and cash. My family still likes sloppy Joe's, hot dogs and shells and cheese from a box! Yes they also enjoy the finer things, I think we have found a good balance, or at least one that makes me comfortable!

3. When I was young, I never wanted to get married and I never wanted children. I am so glad God changes our minds for better!! I think I always thought it would hurt to much!

4. I lived on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, and would not have returned home, but Larry, my husband asked me to marry him!! Need I say more!

5. I have not shaved in 3 years!!!!

I do wax my eyebrows and my legs, all by myself.

I want to play and keep others playing through this "fun" too much thinking game

So I tag:
Sunny Side of the Street
Take 90 West
Glass Half Full
Let's see if they play!!


  1. You wax yourself?? You are a goddess! A smooth goddess. :)
    Thanks for taggin me...I'll do it next week, sounds like fun.


  2. I must say that you are one of the most interesting people I know!!! You're always amazing me :-)

  3. A circus. You are now officially my idol. Seriously.

  4. Wait, 3 years? oh my word!

    A circus? ??? how did ou ever leave that out while blogging? Do tell more!

    See that's why I tagged you, i wanted to know more, glad you played!

  5. Is it bragging if I say I know you so well, that I knew about the circus already? I always found that one of the most interesting things about you! I know how much you love to be involved with food prep or service. I think some of the times I remember you literally glowing were during the Thanksgiving outreaches. You were amazing at directing all those people with mashed potatoes flying and gravy dripping! It was a sight to behold.
    Thanks for tagging me! I'll work on it tomorrow. My brain is already on Friday afternoon shut-down.

  6. Thanks for the tag. Expect something in the next few days!!

    The first me had me rollin' with laughter. And I thought I knew you???

    And you WAX your own legs. You deserve a reward!!!


  7. Ok, so I'm totally interested in the waxing yourself thing. I shave every flippin' day!!!

    Cool Meme!

  8. I agree, how do you wax by yourself without making a huge mess?

    That circus thing is seriously awesome. I always wanted to be in pretty costumes and ride the elephants.


  9. So cool that you were in the circus, what a blast!

    I too have worked all facets of the restaurant business, except in the cooking area, although I can hold my own I think.

    My mom lives on Hilton Head Island and I love it, love it, love it. Hope we can all move there some day!

    You are a braver woman than eye witht the shaving thing. Not sure I could do waxing on myself.