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Monday, October 22, 2007

Hi Honnnneey!!

In the highest pitch possible Ya's would say, when daddy would walk in from work and she would say: HI HONNNeey! My mom reminded me tonight at what she used to call Lary when he came home from work, Yaya was less then 18 months!!

So tonight after work, I could imagine, myself being called Honnnneey!!

Anyway, I did it, I ran the "service track" all alone, all by myself. Ok, so not all alone, I had my assistant General Foreman there to answer my "silly questions".
The gentlemen I work with are awesone, they all did their job and did them extremely well, not on my account, but because they take pride in their work and always do it well. Regardless of why the job was done well and why these are amazing men, thet kept me calm and unstressed all day, and helped me to look like I can handle this position and a little more to do with I have been praying for an entire week about this alone time, and with God's hand I was able to achieve what he has prepared me to do!!! (were yo able to understand what I had just written or did you just need to go over and over and over that to find that I am so thankful for God's help in this position that he even had the men who have been on this job for years help me with this).

I am incredibly thankful for this opportunity and for the reminders of what one of my children used to say!

What an awesome incredible day! Now off to hold the one that doesn't want to be alone and give someone Benadryl and give someone Tylenol and yes I am MOM!!


  1. That is a great accomplishment! I know you did a fantastic job.

  2. Did I miss something? Is THIS the job you were praying about? Did you GET IT?? I assume you did. Wonderful! Be sure to write down the date you got it and exactly how your prayer was answered. It will be great to read years from now.

    Answered prayer -- don't you just love it!

    May God bless you in wonderful ways in this new job, Chrissy.

  3. Sandra, this is not the promotion this is more of the training leading to the promotion. I am right now what they call a "relief supervisor". I desire and am praying to an "exempt supervisor". Don't stop praying, please!