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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Smile and a headache!

This little boy's words have kept me smiling for a couple of days:

My youngest is going through this nightmare thing and doesn't want to sleep alone! In our house that is not a problem! It seems no one sleeps alone, there is always someone to sleep with! My oldest has no problem sharing his bed or if Ya's wants everyone in her bed (all twin beds so far) they will go and climb in and it is though they really get better rest when they are together! I used to get worried and say "they need to sleep in their own beds" Then I got over it and decided since they really are sleeping well, let it be! It is not unusual to have someone climb in our bed in the middle of the night, like when my alarm goes off for work, I think they hear it and come down and climb in with daddy!! Daddy is a snuggler of his kids! Him and I are more of the cheek to cheek sleepers!!! Anyway back to the making me smile thing: When the kids are having trouble with sleeping or nightmares we usually tell them to pray ask God to help them, and give them good dreams, then we put a Bible under their pillow and it usually helps! My oldest boy used to sleep with his hands on his Bible under his pillow, too sweet! Ya's used to just put the Bible under her pillow and pray and sleep well! The youngest has gone up to three, 3, Bibles under the pillow of wherever he sleeps!!! We pray with him and he falls asleep praying, and he does not sleep alone!! The other night he came up with another solution: "Mommy, maybe if I put a Bible under my pillow and put what I want to dream about under my pillow with my Bible it will help". I reply "sounds like a great idea let's do that". I had no idea he was planning on getting in my bed that night and bringing a rather large, metal, model, toy airplane!! Under the pillow it goes! Sounded like a good idea and his words kept me smiling the past couple of days!

The airplane, knocked me in my noggin a couple of times! I heard it hit the ground when hubby got home, I think the neighbors heard it hit the ground! This is still an ongoing process, we are trying smaller toys now!!


  1. That's so neat! You're a very creative mom. When Bekah went through the nightmare stage, I used fabric paint and wrote a verse on her pillow. She used that pillow case for years.

  2. My Mother-in-Law is the creative one this is what my husband did when he was a little one. As for the addition of the toy that is all Mitchy.

  3. Wow, you are a creative one. I love it. Maybe next time.......a stuffed airplane pillow would be better! haha