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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tales from the Scales Tuesday!!

The tale from my scale was a loss of 1lb. YEA ME!!!!

In case you were wondering...... I got that totally awesome, make a woman feel good workout today, and in only 45 minutes!! Hubby had to be gone (he has a monthly card game with family)! I did it, I went in and began immediately. I think I was breathing heavily and no one wanted to work out around me, but frankly I don't give a dang!!!! I loved it, relieved some stress, hopefully relieved some weight and relieved my mind! Yes, yes, yes a perfect workout!!!

My goal for next week, break 180lbs (oh, my did I post that, did I actually commit that, yes I did) down at least 2lbs. that is a healthy goal. There aren't any crazy dinner plans this weekend, so maybe I can somewhat stay on track!! Maybe some extra food at a card party I may make it to, but other than that things should be easy!!

Can I be completely honest.... It doesn't matter, I have been to this point so I will continue.....
I came home from the gym feeling like "I look good" a total feeling of "I feel sexy" you know what I mean! I don't know if I am feeling the weight loss or if the work out was that good! My stretch jeans are a little baggy maybe that counts as a different fit from my clothes! I'll let you know when they are hanging off of me, cause that is what I am going for!!

More to my goal, workout two time next week, like I did tonight!!!

Happy tales to you!!!!


  1. You go, girl! :-) Congrats on the loss and the good workout.
    Path to Health

  2. I totally did the grin and shrug the shoulders thing when I read you might come to club! Yeah!! I wish I could have worked out with you. I need the same thing right now!

  3. Congratulations on your loss and your great workout!
    You sound so happy! :)

    I promise I will do your meme next week...I just think I've talked about myself enough for this week!!

  4. Great job...Keep it up. Working out always makes me feel better....You inspired me to get on my bike tonight...thanks.

  5. are kicking ass and taking names! WAY TO GO!

  6. Good Work, Chrissy!! I am at my lowest (and still have 25 to go!) in YEARS!! I'm trying to "savor" the feeling, and the look. I think that may be key to not putting it back on. I am proud of you. Keep up the good work. And, the gym DOES feel good too, doesn't it. When I walk out I feel soooo -- virtuous! :)