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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We can't all be artists?

Do you know what time my kids start school? I obviously don't. I told them not to catch the bus today because I will take you to school. They have the pumpkin decorating contest today and it will be a little difficult to carry them on the bus (plus I want to see all the other kids' creations). As you can imagine, traffic was rough getting home this morning! I was thinking all the time my kids started school at 8:30am, but noooooooooo they start school at 8am sharp!! Why my husband realized (even last night) that they would be late and did not say anything to me about is BEYOND ME!!! So I walk my kids, with pumpkins into school late and the secretary asks "why are they late?" do I answer, because I don't know what time school starts, do I answer because the pumpkins are to big to carry, do I answer traffic, NOPE, I answer "put down whatever you want, I'm tired and they are late," (I am on midnights does that count for anything).
They have worked very hard on their pumpkins and I think they are both winners! I was not allowed to help, except to pour paint and wash my pillow case! In case you can't see there is a pumpkin underneath the pillowcase, and gourds for feet, she is so great and the upper one is a spider, black and white and you can't see all his legs, but did you know he is entered in school spirit? (school colors are black and purple and white and the mascot is a Pirate).
Oh yea they are taking the bus home, pumpkins in all, mama is sleeping til they come home!! Goodnight or good morning (whatever)!


  1. Been there done that girl! At least they got to school. They look like winners to me! That reminds me, I need to carve my pumpkin tonight so it is ready for the candle tomorrow night.

  2. They are great! Don't worry about getting to school on time. Last week I was supposed to bring the snacks for Ben's team and totally forgot. Then this morning Luke was supposed to wear a costume to school. Oops! Sometimes, there's just too much stuff going on to keep up!

  3. I wish we could be late! We're always an hour early.
    You are totally excused because you're on midnights!

  4. Great post. If only there were a book of "Mommy instructions" with a school schedule in the back! :)

  5. Get some sleep, the pumkins are great!