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Monday, October 15, 2007

I think it is Cool....

I think it is so cool that this blogging thing has been such a good outlet for me. It has created a way to communicate with friends and family I wish I had time to communicate with, and also a way to speak even more freely about how I feel. I think it is neat that I can say, you have a choice to read this so if it is something you don't want to read or comment on don't!!

I think it is so cool that this has created dialogue between people that and things Myself or others would not have talked about before!

I think it is so cool that I have met or at least commented between so many new and amazing people.

I think it is so cool that others seem to speak or write freely about what is going on in their own lives. That others also use it as a venting tool.

I think it is cool that there is USUALLY NOT a mean word in the bunch. The comments are usually encouraging and if someone doesn't agree they try to word it politely and if we don't want to comment, no big whoop!!! (Try having a conversation with nothing to add)!!

I do also think it is so cool that it has opened conversations between myself and others to a new level! Stuff I probably wouldn't have ever spoken out loud (for fear of hurting others) I have and it has created an entirely new level of relationship.

I think it is so cool that I can be sad and weepy one day and post all about it and be happy happy joy joy the next and post on it and most everyone can go with it!!

I think it is cool to be able to journal and find out that others feel the same or not so the same!

I think it is amazing to see so many different people feel the same or different and be honest!!

I think this blogging/new sort of friendship thing is SOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOL!!!

Thank you everyone for this blogging thing!!


  1. I agree! I love blogging, and I am so thankful for your kind comments! I just had one of those microwavable brownie things, and I feel much calmer than earlier. Get kids are singing Christmas songs right now. Play practice started last week. Hard to be grumpy when your kids are running lines together and singing away in the manger (and laughing and giggling while doing it!)

  2. I love that you are blogging too! We have all been so busy that we don't get to see eachother as often but at night before I go to be I can go online to see what you are up to!!!

  3. Yes, yes and yes....very cool indeed!!!


  4. I agree...very cool! Great post.
    In someways it is almost easier to talk to blogging friends than real life friends because it's not all awkward and worrying about how you're going to say something. You just jump right in and say what you feel.
    I feel lucky to have met the women I have. It reminds you that most people, mothers, are really all the same. They love their kids, and try to do the best they can for their families.

  5. I couldn't agree more!! I love it! I'm also so glad that we've reconnected through it!

  6. I completely agree!

    I just wish I could burn more calories from my new found hobby...


  7. I am loving it too. It was great to get to meet you (and Crooked Eyebrow, et al) at the blogger dinner. This is a whole new world to me -- populated by very nice people! This is sort of the feeling of moving into a new, very friendly neighborhood, and finding out all about all your new neighbors.

    Keep blogging -- I'll keep reading!

  8. I agree with you and everyone that left a comment.
    It has been a new and great way to meet new people.

  9. I think you are so cool, Chrissy! GREAT POST!