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Monday, October 1, 2007


Thanks so much to everyone for their wonderful thoughts (posts) and prayers. I know this is why I was able to pull myself up and keep going. I didn't mean to get so heavy or down, it just sort of happened! God is the source of my strength and I am thankful for family, friends and b
I was recently asked, by my husband, why I call Windy, Grace, from time to time. I couldn't believe he didn't know!! I'll tell you in a minute. Windy has a few other names:

Yaya: the ever popular and been around the longest. She gave this one to herself when she was an infant. Daddy would come home from work and say hello or something and she would say (babble) yaya and he would reply yaya and our friend started calling her Yaya and it has stuck!! Although it has been shortened to Yas!!!

Katie: Her middle name is Kay, after her Grandma, and Grandma's sisters call her Katie. (That one was simple)

and now:

GRACE: This started out as the old "Goodnight Gracie". One night when I was praying with Yas (short for yaya) I was praying for the young lady she would be and decided she would be GRACEFUL. And now I call her Grace in front of people because I believe, not only will she be a polite, gorgeous and successful and bright young lady, she will also be full of Grace!!!! I could never give you all the definitions of Grace so use the link scroll down to Gracelike!!


  1. I think Alisha and I will always know her as Yaya. We really need to get those two together!

  2. I never knew why you called her Yaya. Thanks for that!

    What a beautiful young lady she is turning into, you are blessed!