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Monday, September 29, 2008

I think they got it.....

Amazing, nine months with the same company and calling them out, time after time after time. Each time they called to say "REPAIRED" I said, "NO! Try again!" They did, time after time after time. First problem was this home is about 20 years old and I don't think anyone had DSL and I know the previous owners didn't even have a land-line, let alone DSL! Each time they repaired something and continued to adjust my account. With that all said, let me also tell you that this has been going on since we moved in, January! However, there was a full 3-4 weeks where it worked perfectly. You know, that 3-4 weeks was when it was most necessary, when my family visited. At that time, we were not only able to hook up the desk-top, but we were able to add a wireless connection, could it have been a mistake or a fluke? I think not, I think, know, that we had a little extra help at that time. As minuscule as you might think, 9 Internet people and one who benefits from it tremendously, is not a minuscule thing to me! If there was any one time I wanted it to work more than others, and as if, I could have chosen, it would have been then! Yes, so that my friends, is just another small miracle in my world!

Father-in-Law doing OK as far as I have heard. I know he came home from the hospital in less than a week, after having his other kidney removed. I know I join my MIL in the concerns of dialysis, but we also rejoice in God's Blessings on both my MIL and FIL. This battle they have fought together is nothing short of a miracle. Life is never easy, but how the two of them just make it work and have been for 45+ years is absolutely amazing! They still like each other, let-alone love each other. Good, no, Great role models to have in our lives.

I live in my house and I organize as though I live in it. My mother lives in her home and organizes as though she doesn't "LIVE" in her home. Make sense? It does to me right now. I organize a functioning living home. So, if you, "just stop by" there will be baskets, of dirty sorted laundry, lined up in the hallway, and dishes waiting to be put in the dishwasher and a dishwasher washing or waiting to be unloaded (one of the kids jobs and I refuse to fire any of them). You will find shoes by the front door and backpacks throughout, even though, by the end of the night (if I am home) the shoes will be put in closet (this job belongs to one of "those" I refuse to fire) and the backpacks will be placed inside the bench by the front door(same as above, I am not the firing kind). You will also find different shoes by the back door (which none of "those" I refuse to fire are currently assigned to put away) and a few small pebbles of dog food around that area, given enough time the dogs will clean that up (everyone participates in our house) and more than likely, at least, 1 basket of clean folded laundry (realistically 2 or 3 and they could be not in a basket but on my couch). So the difference is: I need 15 minutes of "sweaty mess, everyone participates, action" before someone comes over and My mom does not, she is always ready. However, I realize her methods, will not work for me, and my methods won't work for her. Good thing is, as far as, filth-flarrin'-filth neither of us will have it.
Bottom Line: If your visiting me call 1/2 hour ahead or at least 15 minutes and if your visiting my mom give her at least a 1/2 hour to 15 minutes advance notice. The difference: She will be pressed and ready and I will be ready!
Make sense? Makes sense to me!

let's see how long this Internet thing holds up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Last night before the book club ladies got to my house I managed to clean the kitchen/living room/dining room and the bathroom. All other rooms were shoved full of the laundry baskets, backpacks, and toys. Then the doors were shut. Works for ME!
    I hope your internet stays around for good.

  2. Hope your connection stays working for you. I know you must want to pull your hair out dealing with that internet company.

  3. Hopefully, you're back for good!

    I suspect the difference between you and your mom may be KIDS! I was like you when I had children at home. But, now I'm like your mom because I DON'T have children at home. No matter how much we love them, children are little messes looking for a place to happen!

    I am exhausted just reading your list of all the things you have to do -- besides work! You go girl. You're doing a good job.

    And, if I decide to come to visit, I'll give you a half-day notice (and bring a coffeecake to go with the coffee)! :)