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Saturday, October 4, 2008

I Think it is Worth Sharing Again

As I have pondered this post since I posted it, the second time, I have come up with a few thoughts I want to share, before you read it.

10-4 is the date, and that is great that it also means, I've got it, I understand, and OK. Now, that I use a radio at work everyday, this makes even more sense. But, here it is, even though "10-4" only happens once a year, I think it is a reminder of what God is saying to us everyday during, at the end, in the middle and quite honestly everytime we say AMEN in our prayers, or during the day when we are "praying without ceasing"!

Another thought that comes to mind is during Bill Engvall's little blurb on men and women,(where he talks about his friend getting a divorce) to me this basically states, here it is! Which is how I usually pray, here it is and God doesn't ask any questions he doesn't make any comments, He simply let's us end when we end and is already handling the situation and needs no further help on our part!!

Here's the other thought I had, and I did have several (I really am being short), we honor those who go away from the country to defend us and I think we do a decent job of it, we send them emails and video of what is going on and how we appreciate the work they are doing, but it is seldom, rare even, when we thank the police officers who protect, to the point of giving their life, us from the evils right here in our own America. Hard as that may seem, when you getting pulled over to get a ticket for speeding or not stopping completely for a stop sign, it is very true. Maybe, just maybe the next time you see a cop on the street, doing his/her job, you will thank them for their commitment to keep our Country as safe as they can! And Maybe, please maybe, you will tell them 10-4, I understand what you are doing and I support you, even if that means paying the fine I have been given, in order so that next time I follow the rules, to keep our Country as safe as we can!
My thoughts are long winded I know! On to the story.....

I posted this story last year, but it is such a good memory at a time where most of my memories are very bad, and sad so I'll post it again.

Here is a link to a story to show what is going on in Texas to honor those Officer's killed in the line of duty.

I have a story to tell,

Here goes:October 4, 1988
San Antonio, Texas During a Murder Trial Trial it was against a Serial Killer that killed a Beaumont Police Officer in early 1988.
A little detail behind:
This police officer was on his way home to his wife and two girls and he noticed a car that looked out of place, and found it had been stolen. He followed the car to a hotel, called for backup, and followed the man inside. The man (Michael Lee Lockhart) had pulled a gun on the police officer and shot him and when the police officer begged for him not to shoot again, he did, he shot again and the police officer was fatally wounded just where the bullet proof vest didn't cover. Because of him doing his job even off duty, the man who murdered my sister and another girl murdered in Florida (these are the only two he was convicted of, there are more) was caught and taken off of the streets. Some things you should know: Never kill a police officer in Texas.

Texas rocks in the death penalty, YES, I believe in the death penalty.

My mom and I were "requested" to come and testify against the murder for his "sentencing phase" and we went.

We arrived on October 4th.

I remember meeting lots of people and all very nice.

There was a man there, he was the father of the Police Officer killed in the line of duty. He was a "typical Texan" polite kind and a big man.

We had been chatting for a while and the verdict came back for the trial against the man who murdered his son.

It was guilty, the first guilty verdict that came against him for murder. This Father of the Police Officer said to me: "You know what this means?"

I replied "it means this is going the way we want it to"

His reply was, "Yes, but it also means something else"

I asked "What?"

Mr. Hulsey Sr. said to me "Today is 10-4 a sign from God, to say everything is o.k., 10-4 good buddy, I have it handled, I can do this, a real sign from God, in Police Officer language" Oh, did I mention this man was also a Police Officer?!I can't help but to smile on 10-4, no matter what is going on or how good or how bad it is, it is 10-4!!


  1. When you posted this last year, I think it was the first time I had read your blog. I do remember I was so struck by what you had been through and how you had handled it that it made me want to meet you (which I did at that blogger's dinner) and made me interested in being a regular reader of your blog.

    You are a great example of a strong woman/wife/mother of faith.

  2. Christy -- It's a year later and I still feel the same way about you. You are an inspiration in how you have handled all the tough times in your life, especially your sister's murder.

    I am proud to say I know you and call you friend.