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Friday, October 31, 2008

13 and there's still the first time for....


Adam dressed up in a scary costume for Halloween, that was a first! Then he went to the school Halloween Dance. He went to this dance with many of his friends and it sounds like he really enjoyed himself. As we dropped him off, we all became a little nervous, some of the kids didn't have on costumes, but as we sat and observed for a moment we realized, most of the kids dressed in Halloween costumes, there were only a few that did not (party poopers)! Adam got out of the car and headed into the dance! I was so impressed at how the school handled the dance and how the Student Council put it on! Adam did invite one of his friends, who is a girl, to go with him and hang out, she agreed! I was surprised to hear that Adam danced, Fast danced and really didn't leave the dance floor much! He wasn't into mom chasing him with a camera into the school, so this is the best shot I could get of him going into his first dance!! Not at all the picture I wanted, but at least it is something. All together a great experience for both him and I. A new first! Such fun!


  1. Happy Halloween, that is scary looking.

  2. Yeah. I could see mom and the camera not being very cool at that age. hehe.

    GREAT COSTUME!!! And he looks so he tall for his age??? xo.

  3. A sweet milestone, mom. For you and him both. :)