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Monday, October 6, 2008

He hung up on me!!

OK. New one, I asked the little one to go back to the other house with me and he said NOOOOO!! I pressed and asked why about 3-4 times, he finally responded with
"that town/city is dirty I said what about (different) town/city?" to which the little one responded "I am not going it is dirty too!" the next thing I heard was nothing, a click and nothing, I said hello, like 4 times and then I heard a dial tone, guess he doesn't want to go to the old house!!

Funny thing is, that if the older two children would have done that to me I would have "ripped them a new one!!" Instead I called the little one's father and said "(Ha Ha Ha ha) he hung up on me, the little one hung up on me, he didn't want to go to the old house because, that town, is dirty!" Funny thing is Daddy laughed to! Did it hurt either of us, it wasn't going to change anything, with him, but with the first two, it would have been life changing! OK so I have changed my thought pattern a little, but not a ton!

Garage at the old house still got cleaned out, probably better with only the older two there and not having the little one! Sometimes a hang up is good!


  1. Too funny! Glad it made you smile and not frown!

  2. Funny. I still think of you as living there when I go that way, because I still haven't seen your new place (hint, hint:-)

  3. What is it ab out that 3rd one? We do that all the time! When Ethan does something we totally laugh all the while realizing that if the first two had done it they'd have paid dearly! The wisdom that comes from experience I guess.

  4. The baby of the family gets excused...that's how it usually goes. I hope he doesn't hang up when it's an emergency.

  5. I now our little one gets away with so much that we would have never let the older two get away with! Since I am the older sibling it kinda gives me an idea of how it was that my little brother got away with EVERYThING!

  6. HA! I think I would have had to laugh too!!