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Monday, October 13, 2008

10-13 another year

Some days are just tough....
I have never seen this video and it does not match what I picture when I hear it. It does give it a slightly different meaning. Same idea, sad to see them die too young and how we wonder "who you'd be today:
Hard to get through. Some days are tougher than others, even 21 years later. It doesn't get easier, my coping tools just get better, I learn to start praying about the anniversary sooner, I learn to talk more and share more and I learn to tell, those who love me, that I am hurting sooner and not expect them to know, I learn to talk and I learn to remember the good days more than the bad ol' days. The things my family has to go through with me, tough, tough lessons learned to early, for them and for me, far too early. Yes, it definately still hurts and each passing year it gives me a new perspective and a new perspective of respect for my mom and dad, I think sometimes that hurts more than anything. Their hurt had to surpass anything I can imagine! I am in amazement of my parents.
and then God says hey, I don't think you saw this before look at this:

And look who helped find it:
How amazing, this young lady is so much like her namesake and also so much like her mommy!!
The only difference is the age and that she is wearing a helmet, ready to ride the quad and picked a beatiful yellow rose and I would have been wearing my Harley Leather Jacket and my Cheerleading uniform!! Windy is still one of a kind!! Her namesake will always only be one of a kind!!! Windy didn't need the "stuff" to make her own way, she WAS her own way!!!! I can see that My Windy has picked that up from her, the helmet is just a necessity (parents rules) for riding the "toys"!

and look at this they can have fun playing and doing chores:

Sometimes the days and dates just get to me and then God reminds me of how much I have to be thankful for!

Never take family for granted even if that means once in a while you swallow your stupid, stupid pride and say I love you! Never miss that opportunity for today is a GIFT, tomorrow is not promised!


  1. Wow! I go away for a few days, and you make up for months of not posting. I'm having a hard time catching up (and staying awake) right now.
    Just know I love you, and think so often of you and your family. I really, really miss you. We need to go for coffee. Soon.

  2. Days and dates can hit like a hammer, sometimes a velvet one and sometimes a sledge hammer. Good for you for getting stronger each can't be easy, and good for you for remembering and giving us the reminder to be thankful for what we do have!