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Monday, October 20, 2008

The Dentist

We started getting back on track with the Dentist, YEA!! Adam has ZERO cavities, I am not sure how this works, but he didn't have to go back. Windy has 1 cavity and needed to go back today. Mitchell have 2 cavities, or two sessions with two joining cavities to fill each time! I have gone to one Dentist and went back to pick up my xrays and go to the Dentist the kids are going to. Yep, the Dentist is that good! Windy, Mitchell and I went back today! While I was getting my check up, and moooooooore xrays, the Dentist made it a point to come and tell me how the kids were doing. Everyone had already been numbed and began the fillings. I told him, sorry, I forgot to tell the kids they would be getting a shot, the Dentist replied: "it was probably better because they weren't scared at all" I thought I did something wrong and it turned out to be right, Thank God! Windy did very well. Then it was Mitchell's turn. The assistant came over to talk to me while Mitchell's fillings and baby root canal was going on, she told me "he is the best patient we have had, he is doing so well, is he a real dare devil?" I told her: "not really, he is our baby and he has been treated like our baby!" I felt pretty awesome about my well behaved babies!! Both of the kids were exceptional at this appointment, and Windy even waited in the waiting room, ALONE, and did her homework! After we left the first appointment, when the three kids got check-ups, there was actual arguing going on in the car as to who would go first for their check-ups and cleanings in April!! All of them want to go first! I think the kids have found, FOUND their Dentist. Unfortunately, for the Dentist, I have also FOUND, my Dentist!!


  1. Wow, I need the name of your dentist. We need to get back on track with that too, but I am the one dragging my feet. The smell! Ugh. I can't stand the dentist's office.
    You have great kids!

  2. Sounds like a good trip, congrats to the kids behavior.

    We have a good dentist too. My son wants to go to the dentist every 6 mos. if that tells you any thing.

  3. We have FOUND our dentist after moving here. And we love it there. My daughter had to have some teeth pulled for orthodontics. Not one tear! None. Unlike me who cried the entire time when having an extraction and them lay on the couch for the next two days in a vicodin haze!

  4. Steph, Hope your Dentist appt. went,very well!
    Lisa, call me, 746 3817 I know you don't have that number, I'll give u this Dentist info, he is sooooooooooo close!!!!
    Amy, I am so happy that you are in the same boat and have a great dentist. This is sooooooo difficult to do!!!
    Michelle, I so know what you mean, about the extraction and not moving, but the vicodin, would have made me move, it is a horrible drug for me when I want to rest. But if I wanted to be up all night talking to whoever whenever, it is awesome!!!!

  5. I need your dentist!!! Screw travel time those good ones are hard to come by!!! I have to get in for a cleaning and I've been putting it off for so long. I do no enjoy the dental experience. =/