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Thursday, October 23, 2008


I love listening to my children when they are getting along. Adam and Mitchell get very very loud when they are playing together, but I still love it. Sometimes, it can be extremely annoying and those are the moments I try to remind myself, this isn't going to be like this for very long, just listen and enjoy! So I try not to yell at them or get angry, I try just to listen laugh and love. Windy doesn't really ever get loud. But she is in there playing with them.
Studying, studying and studying, some days I feel that is all I do with my children when I am with them, even the phone calls home to check on them are filled with study questions! I am so thankful I know what is going on with them, but at the same time, I just want to say YUK, no more studying.
Paid the kid early allowance this week and late allowance last week! Totally trusting they will complete their chores the rest of this week. Yesterday was such a rough day at work, I needed to be able to reward and celebrate with someone!
My bosses are not very good about introducing people, or even making an opening where I can barge in and introduce myself. If development of people is soooo important to my company, than why isn't introducing the lower people to the HIGHER people a priority? I think someone is a little mixed up here! I stressed myself out so badly at work yesterday I could hardly sleep, only to find out that what I was stressing over wasn't even an issue! This totally stinks. If my boss just would have answered my questions TRUTHFULLY I would have been able to sleep a little better!
Home from work, I checked on each one of my children, which is very normal for me, as soon as I walk in the door, I find their location and what they are doing, and how they are doing it. When I find they are all well, it puts my heart at ease.
As a Foreman, I shouldn't work this hard and my jeans shouldn't be filled with oil and grease, OR should they???


  1. It's so unfortunate when a person who doesn't have "people" skills ends up as a manager. He probably didn't even realize he caused you such stress. Hang in there, maybe he can learn something from you!

    I love it that your children are your priority. Sending children out into the world knowing they are loved, is such a blessing for them.

  2. mmmmmhmmmmm!! Sandra is wise. =/ And unfortunately we find that way too often in managers!! I doubt he realizes it either, but I cannot stand when I can't sleep b/c of work stress. Hang in there, love. And have I ever told you that you are the BEST mama!!!?

  3. It is a wonder how some people get to be managers.
    You are a great mom, the love for your kids shines through in every post you write about them. Really!