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Friday, December 12, 2008

Full Moon

The thought I had when I looked into the sky this evening at work at saw it!
A full moon on a cold evening!
Then a weird night at work, usually if some sort of communication goes out on the computer it is only one or two applications, this evening it was of them.
Then the 3rd shift Foreman not only called and chatted (which is really not out of the norm) but he chatted longer than usual, then he showed up just as early as he normally would. Then the guy that usually doesn't work hard, seemed to work a little hard, not without complaining or not doing something I wanted done, but unusually hard for him. Then I had to talk to him about wearing his rings and he complied and took them off, however, 1 hour, 1 HOUR later they were back on, are you kidding, do you really believe I am that much of a pushover? UNBELIEVABLE, I was ticked, I can't believe he would blatantly disobey the rules, I may be blond but I am not full of air, let alone hot air, what I say does go, I mean it, I am not playing a game, I absolutely refuse to have an injury due to rings!
The ride home was like driving during the day, tons of people on the road and the left lane was going the same speed as the right and every lane in between. Stop at a store, you would think it was morning, everyone wants to stop and chat and ask questions, Do these people not realize it is midnight and I am here to get STUFF DONE!!
Now do you understand!


  1. I so understand! As a teacher I ALWAYS can tell when it's a full moon. The kids are ridiculously disobedient and crazy-wild. Add to that the fact that Christmas will soon be here, and I once again wonder why the heck I do what I do. Oh wait, because I really love it.

  2. Yes, you can always tell when it's a full moon.

  3. I didnt't think I was the only crazy one, but I thought I was theo only one that would admit it!