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Friday, December 19, 2008

My Poor Reindeer

I came upon my home after a day at work and an easy commute, to find that all my reindeer are tired of standing! All 5 of them seem to be sleeping. Larry put stakes in them in the ground so they would stay, Ha, guess they needed a nap!
So then I was very concerned. What else may have fallen over, in my absence? Turns out the stairwell and the tree at the top are both fine! Whew!
Oh no, what about the red tree in the kitchen, please don't let that one get tired, there are gifts for the fam under there!
Whew! A little taken apart, but not knocked over, thankfully!!
The tree in the living room, the real one, did that one give way to resting! Ahhhhh, thank God, it is still standing!
I was very concerned because of that really neat Christmas Train runs underneath this tree. There are very many presents under this tree too! Breath easy it is still standing!

Doing fine!!
The Front of our home looks ok! The tree in the "tower" (HA) is still standing and lit!

There it is that's the reason the deer couldn't stand any longer..............................
Look what has taken over my garage! Oh yea! I will be parking outside again!

Sad part is, I have to enjoy this, it is not only Larry into it, you can see Papaw and Adam are loving the new project too!!
It was so nice to park in the garage for that short time!! Now I understand, my poor reindeer just gave up!!! As soon as they saw this pull in the drive, they just fell over!

I almost had a garage to park my vehicle in! ALMOST! HA!!


  1. Your house looks so nice! I wish I had more time (wait, now I will) and energy (that not so much) to decorate more this year.
    Are we still on for the 30th?? Where and when, you let me know.

  2. Your place looks gorgeous!! I love the stairwell and the tree at the top!

  3. i was wait to hear a joke about me mom lol
    love jaye

  4. Chrissy -- I'm sure it's fun for you to decorate your new house, and it looks beautiful with all your trees! Sorry about your "lazy" reindeer! Guess they're resting up for Christmas Eve! :)