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Friday, March 19, 2010

Yesterday Was Different

This morning he turned around and yelled "I love you too" right before he got on the bus!

This morning, I got a "your right mom"! I know I'm right but that teenage boy of mine said it! He agreed with me and then I got eye-contact with the full "I love you Mom!"

This morning she let me help her with her hair! She let me blow dry her hair a bit this morning and she even said "thank you" without rolling her eyes or sighing!

Yesterday, was so different!
The lil one dashed out the front door to barely make the bus, he doesn't like to miss! I barely got my kiss at the door! The bus pulled up I yelled "love you bubba, have a good day" and he climbed up the stairs on the bus without ever turning around to acknowledge he heard me! I know he hears me every morning, he just doesn't have the time turn around, he must get on that bus!

That teenage boy of mine, huffed and yes mommed me, like I aggravated him! I constantly prodded him to "get your act together" and "be respectful" in our short time together, he didn't "get it together"!

The girl rolled her eyes and sighed at me when I asked her if I could help her with her hair! She doesn't really allow me to help her anymore, unless it is JUST to get her part strait! I think she even tried to "yea Mom" me one time!

I'll take the good with the bad, rather than neither. Parenting isn't easy and the good days are farther apart as they grow up!


  1. these pics say it's time for a better camera!!

  2. I'm so behind on blog-reading! And you're just so good at keeping current. I'm hopped up on pain meds right now, so hopefully whatever I say is coherent. My kids have been doing the "get along great for an hour" then "fight for 10 min" then "get along again". Phew. It's hard to keep up sometimes. Phil is working, Marissa is babysitting all day, so Bekah and Alisha have to take care of me.