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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Time Change

We were out for an appointment and everyone had to be dressed up! Ok, only Yaya, had to be dressed up, but I figured, Easter's coming and everyone needs Easter clothes! All of them had to dress up for the appointment!

The appointment was early and then you add the time change! Spring-stinkin-ahead! Normally, I would smile at this, but after getting home from work somewhere around 130 and setting an alarm for 530 only after setting the clocks ahead to 230, I thought, "what am I thinking?" off to bed and up early and here we are!
The batteries in our smoke detectors didn't get changed today, like they normally would, along with those light bulbs that are next to them and burnt out! However, they will get changed tomorrow, both the batteries and the bulbs!
Now you take a minute and change your smoke detector batteries, even if they aren't chirping atcha, PLEASE!

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