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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Faux to Mo

This kid loves this hairstyle!
He has been asking for this Mohawk for as long as I can remember. I let the kids have their hair to a degree. For years I have given the "NO" on the mohawk. The biggest reason, I just didn't understand why he wanted a mohawk. Was it to impress, was it scare, was it to freak other people out or was it just for Adam, I just didn't know and he wasn't giving me any "good answers"!
At a hair appointment, months ago, Adam and I searched through the book for hairstyles for men, we came across one that he liked and so did I!! I was so excited, we agreed, no meeting in the middle, we both stopped at this one and loved it! Adam took the book over to the chair and showed the lady. The hairstylist lady, took one look at the picture and said "oh a fauxhawk"! Her words made me stop and look at her like she was out of her mind! But, I already agreed to the style and Adam's face did light up!
It's amazing, immediately this kids positive attitude became more positive and he was walking taller! I like this side of my Adam.
A few months later, the fauxhawk is gone, now it's a mohawk! He takes more time in the morning to get himself and his hair just right. He has now had his curls (that make the mohawk more work) relaxed and now that thing is tall and he is even standing a bit taller and more positive!
Had I have known that it would help Adam so much, I would've allowed the faux/mohawk sooner! But I just didn't stop to think. I know a great hairstyle does me a ton of good, so why wouldn't it do him a ton of good, yep I didn't stop to think about it, but maybe just maybe (this is what I like to believe) it just wasn't time yet!


  1. I've seen a change with our boy and those body washes like axe...I love the confidece it produces, Troy and I have to make sure not to squash him we never commet, to much about how great (STRONG) he smells :)

  2. Oh I get that! You have to slowly introduce the idea that it's too strong! But you need to tell them that it's just too strong, unless it dies down after an hour! But the beauty that one small new thing brings to our childrens confidence is absolutely amazing!