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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Long Line Of Love

As I am helping in the planning of a special anniversary, I realize what a special legacy I get to follow!
Many of my family members have been married for more than just a short time! They have stood, pushed past and found what it means to love and keep on loving! During the good and the bad, the healthy and the sick, the richer and poorer! They have done it and they have set the path for myself and so many others in the family! I am absolutely amazed and impressed by the heart of those who have and continue to put effort into their marriage!
To say it is one thing, to watch is another, to live it is completely different!
I remember a few years back, celebrating my in-laws 40th anniversary and how blessed I was by their celebration! I was also blessed by them making it through, what I knew as tough stuff, at the time! Truth be told!
Can I be completely honest?
Like I need an answer to that question!
The longer a marriage lasts just shows how much more work goes on! Then you add, raising children, having careers, owning homes, individual goals and couple goals, then you add goals for your children (that they may or may not reach), then you the whole sickness and health, then add daily life! Now you have a constant goal, constant struggle, a constant unending path, full of effort!
Quite honestly, the goal of a marriage making it, is a goal with unending struggles and changes! 15 years ago, I would have told you: if we make it through 5 years we've got it!
10 years ago, I would have told you: if we make it through the next 5, we've got it!
5 years ago, I would have told you: if we make it through the next 5, we've got it!
Last year I would have told you: if we make it past 17 years, I will consider our marriage a success!
My parents were divorced at 17 years of marriage and I do consider it a blessing that they are divorced! My opinion is, they are far better divorced than they ever were married! You would have to live in my house to know what that statement means!
Now what I have learned, there are many marriages that make it and make it well! Not without struggle and not without concern, but they make it!
Quite honestly, the numbers were always numbers, when I went into marriage, it wasn't lightly and it wasn't on a whim, it was for a lifetime and I believe my husband went into it with the same belief!
But what our family has shown us, is that it not only, can be done, but it can be done with dignity, style and grace! Not without work and struggle!
See, I come from a long line of love and that's an awesome legacy to follow!

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