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Monday, March 15, 2010

Maybe, Just Maybe

We have done something right!

I take that moment and allow myself to enjoy it!

When I look over and see my children getting along and even helping one another, I am so over joyed! I can't help, but to think, we've done a pretty good job!

They were laughing together, supporting one another and just plain being friends! This is such a beautiful sight!

For a quick second,I am reminded of their moment in the car, where they were arguing and notice how quickly they have all moved on!

They are not only brothers and sister, they are friends! The best kind, they can have a fight and be back on track before I realize there was a disagreement!

They even take a minute to laugh at themselves! There's so much joy in these moments!

We all set out so early in the morning, in support of one family member! The boys celebrated and supported her, simply beautiful!

It's that moment, I really realize: They really do love each other!

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