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Friday, March 5, 2010

It's For Me, Not About Me

I'm being worked on and I'm working on myself in so many ways right now! Because of that I am not sure which end is up!
As I was driving home this evening, I noticed how big and beautiful the partial moon was! I found myself saying to myself, this must be God's way of giving back the sunshine we have been missing out on! It was a sunshiny day and a moon shiny night.
But, by the time I got home to take a picture of it, this is what I got!

My thought immediately changed to, what a difference in the moon in just a few miles. Then I started to wonder how big the moon may look to others. Then I realized, this is just as life, my big moon, my awe moment, my vision, my view, my take, is only mine! As much as I want others to be in the same place and see the same thing, this was only for me!
Then I started hearing my own words, "not everything is about you" and then I heard this but, "this is for you, to encourage you"!
That mountain of self sabotage that was in front of me, is now a hill and I can climb a hill! Don't get me wrong, I can climb a mountain if necessary, but a hill is less work and I take my reprieve where it is!

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  1. beautiful picture "not everything is about you" and "self sabotage" is something I can relate to