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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Positive Memories of Positive Growth

I love it when the everyday things I do, bring up different positive memories from the past! Good memories of friendships are what's been coming up lately.
Even with the every day of getting "ready" little reminders of what a friend taught me, little tricks, better make up ideas, beautiful words spoken in different cases, homework thoughts, project ideas, clothing advice or just a positive note all brings up a few positive memories with a couple of friends I made in college. It really promotes the positive to think about and ponder on the positive influences in my life!
I love the memories and I really enjoy how they come to my memory at just the right moment.
My positive memories from college are the ones that have been right on the front of my brain lately. I really enjoyed college, but it wasn't a "party" for me. I didn't spend my time at the clubs and coffee shops. I spent my time attending classes (struggling to make decent grades) and when I wasn't in classes or studying, I was working. I really worked as much as possible and was very focused on my goal. This time in college was a time of major growth! I now had to depend on me, I now had to make things work. I left everyone and everything I knew and I went to the complete unknown. SCARY! I liked that, I loved being focused and directed and relying on me.
I had a couple of awesome roommates placed in my life and they proved to be, cheerleaders, mentors, friends, a source of seriousness and an outlet for fun! I didn't get to go out with them very often, but I did get to go out with them a couple of times. Most of our fun was spent in the room or hallways of our dorm. Really good times, sometimes deep thought and sometimes real laughter and sometimes just "surface talk" to get through the moment, sometimes it was just complaining. But it was all very real and very tough. I look back at how much I grew in that time and I am so amazed and my heart is blessed because of a couple of friendships I made in college. Honestly, I thought all these other kids (college students) had it all together. I wanted that, I wanted to have it together like them. Truth is, we were all away from home and going through the same adjustments at the same time and all of us just wanted to make a real "go" of it!
It's funny, even as I get dressed everyday, there's a couple things I do, because I learned it college from a roommate/friend and
as my memory recalls the few friendships I made in college, I have to smile!

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