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Monday, March 29, 2010

I Miss You, My Health Club......

Dear Health Club,
I have desperately missed you, please don't write me off just yet! I am coming back, you are on my schedule for tomorrow. Unfortunately over the recent past I haven't been able to fit you in, I know your good for me and I really enjoy the time I spend with you, but life has been crazy-busy. I am soooo ready to be back with you!
Since I haven't been a good member of your club, I have become a member of several other clubs:

Hot Mom's Club (one of my new favs)
Clean House Club (I'd like to be a good participating member, working on it)
Drives Too Fast Club (thankfully, no tickets to prove my membership)
Work Too Much Club (Not sure how they got my membership, but I am in)
Movie-Goer's Club (nice, I like this club)
Vacation Club (I think I actually found sleep in this club)
Crazy Women's Club (I think I was already a member)
Painting Club (I finally renewed my membership after letting it lapse for 5 years)

and several others, all of the said clubs, have been very good for me, I promise!
I have enjoyed the other clubs I have become a member of and do plan to maintain my membership, as well as my membership with you!
Please, please don't write me off, I'll see you tomorrow!


  1. Oh girl...don't even get me started on the whole 'gym' thing! I SOOO need to get back into the routine, but I'm still not feeling 100% recovered from last week's surgery. I know, I know..."give it time" you'll say. And I will. I just KNOW that while I'm giving it time and recovering, my butt is getting bigger, and bigger. Not a good feeling. Spring is coming...with short sleeves and shorter pants.

  2. yay for going back! & yay for not beating yourself up over not having been going. life is about enjoying it, right?

    thank you for always being so uplifting & positive in my blog comments. you really are too sweet!