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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


With last night as my reminder, I set forth today to make things different!
I woke up cheerful and didn't huff and puff at Adam for hurting. I allowed Mitchy to sleep and waited patiently for Ya's to tell me the direction she was going!
I ran out to get a few things that I needed, while everyone else continued their sleep!
When I got home, ready to spend the day with my kiddos! Prepared to stay at home with them and cuddle or watch movies or walk the dogs or the just walk I quickly noticed, this isn't what they want!
Slowly, one-by-one they woke up and requested a few different things!
Of course I obliged, I'm here and I get to do it!
As much as I would have loved to just "chill out" with my kiddos, I realize they want to be with their friends!
The taxi was running and phone calls were being made!
I watched as each one of them made their plans for the day. Amazing, that's all I could think! They didn't need me to make their plans or to prod them along, they did it and they knew the 'when, why and where'! I'm impressed and blessed!
The taxi is running and it proves to be a great place to talk with my children! I have found that, when they are excited, they talk more and dish alllll the details!
I kinda like this taxi thing!
I would have loved for all of them to stay home a watch a movie with me, but realistically, that wouldn't have happened!
The 'Taxi-Mom' proved to be the best way to spend a few quality, meaningful moments with my kiddos, best part, I also got to pick them up and do all the listening again!
This 'Taxi-mom' isn't such a bad gig!

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