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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where's the Positive........

The positive is in there, sometimes I just have to find it!
I come home and they are fast asleep, resting for the next day!
I have missed dinner
I have missed homework
I have missed the nightly errands and
I have missed everyone being in the same house at the same time!
I miss this all the time!
I get to wake up in the morning to an alarm clock and
I get to be the first one to wake them up and say "good morning"!
I get to hang out in the kitchen with them, while they are moving slowly, and eat breakfast (they eat breakfast, I drink coffee)!
I get to help them with that last minute wardrobe changes and
I get to help them get their hair just right.
I get to gripe at them to pick up their clothes off the bathroom floor.
I get to remind them that I don't like paying NIPSCO extra (turn off the lights).
I get to remind them to brush their teeth.
I get to remind them to throw away the pop-tart box they just took the last pop-tart from.
I get to remind them of their grades daily, usually by phone.
I get to remind them of their chores daily, usually by phone.
I get to help them make plans with their friends, for the afternoon or the weekend.
I get to watch the youngest run to his bus as fast as his lil legs will carry him.
I get to drop the older two off at school!
I get to discipline them at any time it is necessary, via phone or in person. Unfortunately, sometimes that happens in our short mornings together and sometimes that happens on the phone!
I get to be the first and the last one to say "I love you" every day! (they are only awake once to hear it).
I get to talk to them as much as I want! They like the phone and they use it well!
I don't do any of it on my own (I have plenty of help, hubby, and grandparents) but I do get to do it!
Enjoyment, discipline, direction, guidance, caring, loving, I do get to do it all, it's just not in the "traditional" sense.

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  1. thanks for this post after being home with a whiney 2yr old for the last couple of days I feel I need some time AWAY...I need to find the positive...