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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Brake Lights Making Me Think...........

as the brake lights brightened and the road parted, my thoughts were not on the "how will that get done" kinda stuff.
My mind went to:
I hugged and kissed Windy
I hugged and kissed Adam on the cheek, only after waiting impatiently for him to limp over! He dropped a two liter on his toe and it's either bruised badly or broken slightly!
I hollered good-bye and I love you, up the stairs to Mitchy!
I griped at Larbo about his snooze habit on his alarm clock (the very reason I took alarm clock duties from him several years ago) I promise no less than 5 times did he hit snooze!
That's what my mind remembered
I quickly braked and swerved and just that quick I was back to 62 mph!
My mind went back to the alarm clock problem, really it was that short lived, even in that moment, I didn't get the point!
The I love yous, the prayers, the kisses and hugs are always comforting!
The complaints, the not taking the time, the aggravation, the anger I show is what makes my heart ache in these moments!
I have to make it a point, to make sure my memories are what I am striving for and not what I got lost in the moment for!

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