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Friday, March 12, 2010

Some of it's Off to the Left, Time to Get it Back to the Right!

I've been reading my own posts and my goodness, how negative can one person be! Evidently pretty darn negative!
I'm not sure where my positive thinking has been lately, but I am on a mission to get it back in check!! My focus is on the way to where it needs to be! Priorities in check! God first! Lot's of prayer, lots and lots of prayer, God bring me back where YOU want me, direct my focus, turn my heart!
Disciplining my children at the moment where I get to see them, my one time during the day, sure is tough stuff but it's right stuff!!!
Dealing with arguments and homework via the phone, is not my "ideal situation"!
Dishing out chores, on a list or on the phone and checking up on the phone, is NOT my idea of fun!
Good part of all of this, I know it's right! I know I can make it work! I know we, as a family, can do it together!
Discipline, even if only in person in the morning and on the phone in the afternoon, does quite well!
Discipline on the phone, love that "mom-tone" does very well!
I think, sometimes the fact that it's tough, makes it more worth doing and more right!
I find myself saying, just like my Mom has always said, "two-wrongs, don't make one right!" and I say it to my kids, myself, my hubby and my co-workers!
The easy is usually not the right!
Today, as I chatted with a dear dear friend and we talked about all the loves in our lives, I was so blessed! The sharing back and forth, between both joyful and heartaches, break-thru's and set backs!
Her kids have always blessed me and always will, truth be known, I know she feels the same about mine and I find validation in both our relationship and our conversation!
Truth I have found is: Bigger kids, bigger problems!
Another truth I have found: The easy isn't always the "right"!
Priorities in check and life in order! That's the positive!
Oh My WOW, I just love them soo much I want it all right, right now!
It's not that I feel I am so far off to the left, it's just tough for me to admit that I am a lil far to the left and I'm trying to bring it back to the right!


  1. The concept of "Positive thinking" was introduced to me by the book The first I didn't believe that whatever the mind

    expects, it finds...if not for the depression I experienced some 2 yrs back, I wouldn't realize how REAL "positive thinking" is! As I

    look back on my worst times, I wonder why was I so upset at that time cos now everything seems so trivial....
    I couldn't thank the book enough for making a BIG difference in my life!

    Dream. Believe. Survive.

  2. I am SO behind on everything. Sickness and my own sucky, negative attitude has me hiding in my house and keeping to myself. It's safer for everyone that way ;) Trying to catch up on things. Glad you've been able to find some positive in your mix. I'm searching for my own.