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Thursday, August 2, 2007

I wanna be just like you

Yes, these are all mine, crushing, aluminum cans!!!!! A new family affair?

Grampa and the kids have moved on to another campground further up into MI culvert campground and they are having a blast. Even, Mitchell, who sometimes misses being home. He doesn't really miss us, he just likes being home and knowing what to expect next. These kids have had so many vacations this year, I hope they are memorable to them and not a pain and not just aspoilin!! I do like to think of them as good kids, but when someone else, like Grampa, is enjoying them and not being stressed out by them, there is a sense of joy (is that what I want to call it), it really, really makes me happy to talk to my dad and find out everything is going good and everyone is doing fine!! It is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa relief or a joy or a somethin or both or somethin, that someone else can enjoy my children the way I do. I am sure they have had their moments and my dad is sparing me, but the two vacations they have taken, have BLESSED me this summer.

You know, I know people hear it and say it all the time, I am out of the diapering and chasing stage, children do grow up so quickly, and not quickly enough for them. I have been told by a couple of teachers, that my Adam is very innocent, this is so awesome and at the same point scary, he is going into 6th grade. Should I have educated him more about life, he really does not want to know, should I have let him seen more, he never really wanted to, should I have kept homeschooling or put him back in private school, that wasn't the direction I was given!!! We go on with the choices that we have made and pray, pray, pray they are right, even when we are sure they are right we still wonder if we did what was best. That part of raising children, I am beginning to believe, is never over and never grown out of. I go through the same with the other two kids, but Adam is the oldest and has such passion, when he is happy, he is out-of-this-world happy and when he is mad it is something else!! He knows he can control it and doesn't always want to (don't know where he could poooosissssssssibly get that from, sorry Adam) He does want you to know he is angry or hurt and he does want you to know he is happy and trying. He really is a good kid with a lot of passion about lots of things.

I have called Adam a gentleman from the time he is born. He is much, much like his father (I always allow his father to be the gentleman he is and have always allowed Adam to be that same gentleman) same passion about happiness and anger, he walks like him and tries to talk like him, I really believe, he wants to be just like him. That country song by Rodney Atkins or that song by Phillips, craig, dean where they want to be just like dad and he isn't perfect both of those are so perfect!!!!!!!!


  1. Glad to hear the camping trip is going smoothly. I really did want to go camping so badly this summer! It just never worked out. I saw a Trailblazer like mine pulling a nice, new pop-up, and I almost started crying. Man, I so don't want to go back to work. As my husband says, NO ONE would work if they didn't have to!
    Still, it's been a great summer.

  2. What a blessing indeed!!!
    So what does a mom of three do with her free time when they are vacationing it up with grandpa???