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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Meet the other teachers!

MIS had the school openhouse this evening. I was able to go and meet all 3 of Adam's main teachers. Again, I am just tickled. I could not have picked a better set of teachers for my boy. They are organized and together and like a team, a team of teachers, how cool is that. I do find it funny that in 6th grade the teachers are more involved than in 5th grade, whatcha gonna do?! And guess what..........all of his teachers email and agree it is the best way for them to communicate, I AM CONNECTED. I did not get to take pictures of his teachers, it is frowned upon by the too cool boy (one day I'll sneak a couple shots).

Adam's heel is still doing better, can't wait to see the Dr. on Friday to see what more we can do for him or if it is something more than growing pains. I have been researching and as close as I can diagnose him is this Severs disease and we'll need to get him to a specialist. I know that Dr. gave him heel stretches to do last year when he got his check up and complained about the discomfort he has endured. I need to ask him about doing those stretches more! His heels are flexible though, he walks on his toes or flat footed neither is a problem. Please continue to keep him in your prayers and thanks again.


  1. still praying for Adam. It's so awesome to have great teachers!

  2. Just wanted tell you my youngest has Severs and also Osgood-Schlatters disease. It started around 10yrs. and he is 14yrs now. He played football until he couldn't take it anymore. He palyed on his tippy-toes because the pain was so bad. He ran track last year and I think he did good he thinks differently. (2nd & 3rd places was what he placed) Because he was always in pain and sometime couldn't run an event he felt he could have done better. He hopes this growing problem will pass, he has been dealing with it for 4 years now and it put a damper on things.
    Keep praying, ice, rest and encourage him and he will come out on top. It's hard to see our childre in pain I know.

  3. Hey, I know what Osgood-Sclatters is. I had that when I was younger. No problems anymore.
    I am hoping I can "connect" with the parents of my students as easily. It is so much easier with e-mail.
    I will continue to believe for Adam's complete healing.

  4. That would be great if you could make it.