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Friday, August 17, 2007


So many things have happened since my last blog.....

Wednesday night, with the rest of NW Indiana, we were caught in a "Micro-burst" (there had to be at least one tornado in the area), as a result we lost our power. I was in the middle of posting a new blog and decided to hurry up and post and then shut down the computer. I thought I posted, but did not!! We did not receive power until some time Friday. We did not want to spend another evening in the dark, so we went to my in-laws and spent the night, my entire family.

I have received something of a promotion at work. It is more training in order to move up in the company.

Adam is playing football still and seems to be very excited and doing it strictly for himself to enjoy. Windy and Mitchell start soccer next week. Everyone is excited about back-to-school.

It is Friday night, most of the family is home and it is time for me to enjoy them!!!

Have a great FRIDAY night. TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm so glad you have power again. Tricia didn't get her's back until last night too. Thankfully ours came back on Thursday morning.
    I'm extra glad to hear that Adam has found something he enjoys doing.
    Congrats on the promotion! I know you will do well in whatever you are given to always have!
    I keep meaning to tell you...that picture of your family on your main page is nice, but it doesn't even LOOK like Larry! At least not from my memory's picture of him. It must be the hat and the facial hair. I wouldn't recognize him if I walked past him!
    I hope back-to-school is a smooth and transition for your family!

  2. Good grief, it sounded awful here Wednesday night!! Around our neighborhood were leaves, branches and in some areas 40-year old trees were completely uprooted!

    And seasonal sports....gotta love them!


  3. That storm was something, I'll say that. As much as I moaned about the power problem, I really was thankful we didn't have a lot of property damage. It just couldn've been so much worse. Seth and I ate dinner together by lantern light... now that's a memory. I wonder what his 2 yr old brain was thinking, you know?