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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Good night of sleep

So last night was an awesome night out with another couple, we ate, we laughed, the waitress made us laugh (my husband tipped more than the 20% I trained, taught him to), we went home, changed t0 jammies (with a bra) and went to their house to laugh and joke and tell more stories!! Then I found out today was the day I wanted to plan to go to a bridal shower and didn't plan to, my friend (I went to dinner with, reminded me and picked me up) picked me up and off we went. She is very young, and so Beautiful and so short on time for planning a wedding and shower, but she did it and everything, EVERYTHING, is perfect. She is a beautiful young lady and he is a handsome young man and this wedding is soooooooooooooo meant to be, that God is pulling things and putting things together for them!! My husband and I planned our wedding in 4 months and always knew it was meant to be (inspite of others concerns, we planned so fast) and it has been an awesome yet scary yet fun, yet mean, yet meaningful, trip so far............ and that is what I see in this couple's future. What God has put together, LET NO MAN, tear apart!!!!!!!!! It so doesn't matter what anyone feels or thinks, if God put you together, if you are a praying couple, if you believe in the love of Christ and if you continue, continue and continue to have FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Amen to that!!

    Ever since I've started nursing babies, I've worn sleeping bras. I think I'm going to keep wearing them even after the baby stage. Cuz nobody wants those babies floppin around. He He!!

  2. Are you kidding? Maybe I'm getting old, but I can't WAIT to get mine off at the end of the day! I don't know how women can stand to sleep in them. Unfortunately, they're swingin' low these days. After nursing 3 kids, what do you expect?

  3. HI!! I so remember you -- step aerobic buddy of mine. :)

    Sleeping with a bra -- no thanks! I've nursed two boy as infants and I just don't care. Comfort rules!