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Monday, August 13, 2007

Try to get somewhere near "normal"

Now that is one GORGEOUS young lady!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is sooooooooo handsome!!!!!

Sweetest Baby Girl EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Things get put back into perspective. The rippin, runnin & roarin of the weekend come to a halt. I went back to work. Larry took a day off to get the kids some much needed rest (and himself I might add), get their routines back and just in general, take it slower!!

Everyone here is back on schedule, I'm thinking that that is more than my cousin can say for her family. They are 5 hours ahead? (pretty sure). It is hard enough for me to get back on schedule, I can only imagine how hard it is to get children and a baby back on schedule. Please, please pray for my cousin and her family and their schedules. I want them to be as blessed by our weekend as we are. I do not want any regrets or heartache for them. I know that this weekend did not come without sacrifice from them!


  1. I feel their pain. I'm in the process of getting everyone back into the school year schedule. I feel like I have to stay so regimented during the school year when I work, that we let it all slide in the summer. Bedtime at 11:45 (Just one more episode, Mom) or dinner at 10:30 at night (because if you stay up till midnight, you sleep till 10:00 and eat breakfast at lunch...thus the viscious cycle begins. So, when the storm woke me this morning I decided to make myself stay up, and not go back to sleep.

  2. Looks like you are having a fabulous time!!

    And regarding your question about Second City- I just took classes there and never performed on the main stage. I love that place, tho! When I was there, on the Main Stage was Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, & some other actors that have gone on to become quite successful!


  3. This whole week when I have woken up at 9 am (from being up til 1 a.m.) I keep thinking, "I HAVE to get back on schedule!!!!!"

    Glad you had so much fun with your family :-)