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Sunday, August 5, 2007

THEY DID IT!!!!!!!! and LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!

The kids are home, and might I say; happy to be home, with mom and dad, with rules, with bedtime, with showers, with dinner at the table and happy about it!!! They were excited to get home their own beds, I heard that several times on the way home in the car.

However, I heard more about the fun they had while they were gone than how much they missed mom and dad and home. They went to the air zoo and they went to Silver Lake and they rode the Dune Ride and they just really enjoyed being with their grandpa and I think their Grandpa enjoyed them. All-in-all a SUCCESS.

I am so happy they are home and I got to hug on them and listen to the good time they had and that they are home safe. I really, really missed them and found that I was very concerned about them when they were gone............just a mom, for real, I guess!!!!!


  1. Chrissy, you are such the blogging queen!! You are doing a great job :-) I am so happy your munchkins are home safe.....there's no place like home! You are so blessed to have grandparents that enjoy your kids. It does feel better leaving your kids when people WANT to spend time with them. I usually cancel if I'm feeling just bugs me too much!

  2. I'm glad everyone had a good time, and all are home safe and sound. Camping is so much fun, but it really does make you thankful for your own bed and shower!!

  3. Hooray! They're back! How awesome that you got to have this break but how much more awesome to have them home!