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Monday, August 6, 2007

Not always routining well!!

Football starts the first week of August.....I know this, we have been involved for going on 7 years now. I usually sign whoever wants to play football or cheerleading back in January...I didn't. Received a phone call wondering where those Witt kids are? Mrs. Routine and Plans-a-lot, forgot the routine and failed to PLAN!! There I stood tonight with registration papers in hand and check with a late sign-up fee, one of the late parents. Adam is the only Witt kid that wants to play this year. Windy wants to play soccer and is already signed up (Thanks to Mrs. Plans-a-lot). But because Windy does not want to cheer, I am not coaching (there is a large part of me cheering right now and a small part of me remembering the few sweet cheerleaders I enjoyed for the past few years). Mitch, we knew wasn't going to play, he loved it and had a fantastic time the first two weeks last year, he was always ready and waiting, then they said to put on the pads and have full practice, he did and looked at himself in the mirror (we learned this with Adam, they don't realize they also look bigger with their pads on, they just think everyone else looks bigger) and was ready to go.......2 minutes after that practice started his daddy walked him to where the girls cheered and said, "he's done", I tried to let him go back and play a couple more times, he absolutely did not!!!! Mitch is playing soccer! Adam is moving up to the older, heavier team this year, I gave him an out, I made sure he knew I don't care if he plays football or not, I just want to support him and enjoy him enjoying himself. It was nice to hear him be so sure that it didn't matter what team he was on, he IS playing football.


  1. Good for him! He's braver than I.
    I'm one of those girls who doesn't get into sports. Lucky for Phil, Marissa and Rebekah do.

  2. He is such a handsome young man! This year my kids get started in soccer. I'm so excited!!