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Thursday, August 9, 2007


We answered the door, I knew my cousin Polly was "bringing gifts" for the kids. I really felt bad that she felt she needed to bring gifts for my kids, or that she would, honestly, need a reason for stopping by.......

Larry answered the door, I didn't hear Leo's voice or Jordan's voice or Polly's voice

I heard voices that sounded like Kylie and Nathan....................................................and it was, and Ava and their mom and dad!!!

It was my family, my cousin and her husband, Larry's best friend he grew up with and their 3 beautiful, wonderful children!! We haven't seen my cousin and the kids for a year and we haven't seen their dad for two years.
Now they are here, just for a very very short time and I am so unbelievably, totally blessed by them.

Tony serves in the Air Force and has for 16+ or 18+? years, they have been all over the US and all over outside the US. We don't get to see them very often, but try try try to keep in close contact.

I love them so much!!

Yes, I cried, that wasn't a fair bet, everyone knew I would cry. It would have been a more interesting bet to see how long I would cry!!!

Thank you Tony, Shane, Kylie, Nathan, and Ava for the surprise visit I miss you so much and love to see you when you have a chance!!!!


  1. What a wonderful surprise!! I love it when people come to visit!

  2. I've been missing my old friends from high school. They live 2 hours away now. She is my "fun" friend. We laugh non stop when we're together. Friends are precious, aren't they?