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Friday, August 3, 2007

Time for us!!

I am so excited, Larry is getting ready to take me to dinner (I am ready and waiting, that is why I have time to blog). It is not that we don't get alone time, we do get more than most parents. We do have the most wonderful Grandparents, not only for our children, but for us as a couple also. We do get away and can ask for help or babysitters or time or whatever and aren't given a guilt trip, like I hear other parents are given. It does make it easier to ask for help when you feel as though the Grandparents are actually blessed by them and want to spend time with them without the parents!!! Anyway, we are going to dinner,with another couple,whose children are all grown and they are now grandparents, but we really enjoy being out with this couple. They are down to earth and friendly and enjoy laughing and talking and just having a good time (I know I need this, and I am pretty sure Larry does, hope they do). It is just dinner, but it is adult conversation, no reminding kids to use their napkins, not to gulp their milk, not to rush eating, not trying to pull teeth for them to sit at the table just a little longer, not dragging out conversation, no arguing, no disciplining at the dinner table (my, my we do do a lot at our dinner table).. don't get me wrong I LOVE our dinner table and family dinners we try to have each night, I do feel it brings us closer, but all the above does happen at our dinner table and lots of joyous stuff also, much of it is spent trying to raise young gentlemen and a precious young lady. Gosh, I hope we are not alone in this dinner table routine, what does your dinner table look and sound like, am I alone in this STUFF to have dinner or the JOY of having a family dinner?! Anyway, thank you Grandpa Pat for entertaining and sharing in an entire week with my children and Thank You to: Grama, Papaw and Nana for giving Larry and I the opportunity to be a couple and not only parents, it is because of your love and help and teaching that has made us more than just parents but a couple that enjoys being together. Now that I am thinking about that, it is such an awesome and wonderful act only one person could really pull together! Thank God for his blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please share about your dinner table, good, bad, joyous and ugly!!


  1. Well Chrissy, you know how much I love to cook (do you hear the sarcasm?) It's always a struggle for me to get a meal on the table, but when we do, it's usually, "They come, they eat, they leave" and on to more fun stuff. When we go out we have the mannerly remimders, and the, "did you eat something from every food group?" (we frequent buffets) Also, we have the battle of, "you have to eat at least 8 bites" (1 for each year of age). I have a VERY picky family! I don't give in though, and they either eat what I made or they will be hungry.
    I'm glad you got to go out on a date night. Phil and I do not go out as much as we should.

  2. Wow, you have to tell your kids not too eat too fast? I can barely get mine to eat at all!! Most of our conversations consist of "just try it" or like Lisa I do the one bite for every year old they are. I've got all boys so I usually have to suffer through burp contests (even the baby gets in on it) and loud, loud laughter. Um, that only happens at home, not in restaurants. Although I have to say that today I took all the kids to Olive Garden by myself for lunch after school shopping and they were perfect angels. Ok, so I did give the baby cold medicine, but his nose IS really stuffy and runny!