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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Real quick

Please pray for my oldest, Adam; he has been suffering from heel pain for over 1 year. We have been to the Doc for it and it is growing pains. Today the pain was so severe he did not play in his football game, I gave him the whole, "suck it up" pep talk and it didn't work, I gave him the whole "I love how you played last week, let's do it again," and it didn't work, I gave him the whole "your team is counting on you" and it didn't work. I know the pain is there and he is growing very quickly, he aches and needs prayer. Adam knows God can heal him and is trusting for it, he has a very positive outlook, Please pray, when you remember Adam! Thank you in advance, I am trusting for a miracle in His name!


  1. Poor thing, I hope he gets well. Has he seen a podiatrist yet? When is the pain worse? In the early am with the first few steps or later in the day?

    Heel pains can be tricky...hope he's back in the game soon!