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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

This one's for LEO!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my "nephew" Leo. He belongs to my (you could call her) cousin, we have always been much closer than that, so I am honored that she would have her children call me AUNTIE!!! Leo is a bit older than 2 and is soooo sweet and so kind and he loves our dog Buddy. They have watched our dog on occasion when we are out of town and it is very difficult for me to take my dog home and away from Leo. I thought we loved our dog so much, but one day his mommy had to bring him just to see Buddy, sadly, not auntie, but Buddy!!!!!!

The story behind Buddy: He is a dog, I prayed for. We knew we were about to lose our grouchy, came with the marriage, dog Sparky (I actually asked him to finally just die and he didn't). One of my friends and I were talking on the phone and she (who is an absolute dog lover, no children) was telling me about this dog they took in, who was very well taken care of and their neighbors best friend. Her neighbor moved to an apartment and couldn't take Buddy. The person he had left him with, didn't have time or didn't want to do it, they didn't take very good care of him. My girlfriend ended up with him but couldn't really handle another dog. I went to go look at him and fell in love immediately, but wasn't sure if we could fit a "HORSE" inside our house. TWO WEEKS LATER, I went back (with my husband's blessing) and Buddy was one of the family!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Buddy is definitely as big as a horse! Alisha always tells me how much fun Buddy is when she gets to have a play-date with Windy. My memory of Buddy: at card club he would walk up next to you, and he could rest his head right on the table. He's that tall!

  2. Leo is toooooo happy with the picture of Buddy! You made his day! Leo seems to like Buddy better than his own dog!

  3. Leo is so cute, really!! I can't imagine praying for a dog. My prayers have been more, "God, help me get rid of this thing!" Some are dog lovers, some just aren't:-)

  4. Uh, like Mom on a Mission, I'm not a dog person. At all. But I'm glad you found one you love.