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Sunday, February 7, 2010

What a Difference a day makes!!

So amazing! The day after my little rant on here, everything changed, INCLUDING but not limited too, my attitude! Probably the largest change, looking back (honestly, looking back) was my attitude! How I addressed the problems ahead of me! Saying Thank you doesn't hurt and really means alot, not only to the ones I'm saying it to, but also to me! Yep, I said it! Saying Thank you makes me feel good! It makes me feel like I am doing right and that I recognize my blessings! The most amazing thing was two texts I received the next day:
One was an ongoing texting "thing" back and forth, back and forth, between myself and another person I work with! The most amazing thing he told me "your not a push-over and your not being taken advantage of!"
TEARS! Yep tears here, validation, loyalty and understanding from someone I work with and consider a friend! It's amazing how far that can go!
I responded: "are you reading my mind or my blog?"
He responded: "I just know where your at!"
I get this I totally get this and it validate my feelings of anger and thankfulness!
But the second text, was invoked by me, all alone!
I text: "thank you for making that last move tonite, I really appreciate it"
Not thinking this would ever go anywhere, I just wanted this person to know, I knew he was upset!
He texted back: "your welcome! Sometimes it's just hard not being appreciated and always going the extra step to change things, knowing that I am going to walk into the same thing the next day!"
TEARS!! Yep, I cry! Imagine that! More crying on the RR!! Ha!
I know I am trying to change years and years of the ongoing "this is the way we have done it and they way it was done before, so this is the way we will do it" attitude!
Just because this is the way you have always done it and the way those before you have always done it, doesn't mean it's right!!
Honestly, I see that I am trying to change the mentality over generations and now I have discovered, that changing things means, that people "in the process" get hurt! So another part of making changes is making sure that those who suffer feel validated and thanked for their efforts!
Gosh Chrissy! Stop forgetting those words of "Thank YOU!!" It really does go a long long way, if there is a real HEART behind it!
Remembering the words "thank you" sounds easy! But remembering the words "Thank You" takes effort and heart! Lots and lots of heart!!

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  1. Thank you -- two simple words that can have life-changing impact! Good for you!