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Sunday, February 21, 2010


I have had another Birthday go by and have been attempting to set my goals for the year. I don't really do, the whole, New Years Resolution thing. I just think it's something to chat about around the time of the New Year. It's just me, but I don't take it very serious! However, at my Birthday, every year for quite a few years, I set my goals and desires for that year. I pray over what I think it is that I want or need and then wait for confirmation and then I write down what it is, in front of me, that is necessary for my life!
This year hasn't been any different, except for the part where it has taken more time than I want it to, to really, nail it down! I still haven't really got it, I have ideas and thoughts, but I am still praying daily for specific direction.
If I just wrote it, just because it was time, I'd have some pretty vague, hokey goals! Like Complete the laundry or get my house clean or take down those last couple Christmas decorations that are stiiiiillll outside! But since I am very goal driven, it's not a good idea for me to just write whatever comes to mind! Once it is written down, it really becomes a goal, no matter how hokey or silly it may be!
Now is commitment time!
Last year, I really focused on becoming a better friend. This was a really good focus for me and yes I am going to continue that. Becoming a better friend doesn't need to be a goal for me this year, because it has become part of my life goals and a constant on my heart and mind. I like that it turned into being part of who I want to be.

I have a few things I really want to "go for" and feel lead to head toward this year. I don't necessarily think that I will meet all of my goals this year, but I do believe I will get the forward motion and start heading down that path!
Back to the whole friend goal, I honestly believe God placed that on my heart at such a perfect time in my life. When the goal was set, I had no idea the year I was going to face, I knew how difficult the year before was. All I knew was that, being a better friend was a necessary for me. Focus outward instead of inward, but like I said before, it's impossible to give and not receive. What I found this past year was that I liked who I started to become by focusing even moooore outward! As a Christian I always knew my focus should be outward, however knowing it and doing it are different. One thing I have learned is that the whole "focusing outward" is constantly changing as I grow. It's not a "this is it" kinda thing! As I grow as a person, I find that I am a constant "work in progress"! I like that, I think it is a good place to be! What my focus should be this year for me being a "work in progress" isn't completely specific right now. Specifics are in the works. Since, I am goal driven, this is KEY to becoming who it is God sees in me and not just who I think I should be!
I like that I am a "work in progress" and quite honestly, I don't see it as a bad thing!

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