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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Giving Without Receiving is Impossible

Helping Someone else, means helping myself.
On my Facebook account today (guess it's yesterday by now)a friend posted this:
I have a positive. . . . If it weren't for you, i wouldn't be celebrating the twin's sixth birthday today! Thank you! I love you!

I remember when she was pregnant and on bed rest. I was heartbroken that she wasn't being taken care of properly and trying to do it all by herself. However, I was also delighted and blessed to be needed in such a capacity! I can honestly remember so many "thank yous" from her, it's unreal. And no matter how many times she thanked me, I couldn't help but thank her back, most of the time only thanking her in my head, because the words just could not come out. I know she really appreciated the help, but I could never explain how much it meant to me!
Then the twins were born! And I am so thankful, I still got to help! It appeared, quite possibly, she still needed me. I'm not sure if she HONESTLY did, but I know I loved feeling that way. I know I enjoyed stealing a child or two or just a baby or two for whatever time I could! I remember Larbo and I gazing into the eyes of each one of these babies on different occaisions, and the two of us sharing a moment with each other, with the beauty of a newborn or two! I know I loved those babies from the moment I knew about them and I already knew that I loved my friend more than words could say and that she had been there sooooo many times for me, that now it was finally my turn! I was finally able to show her love in a different way then, telling her! I was allowed to show it!

I remember going to my neighbor's house, this is my friend, in the morning in the afternoon and evening and calling her on the phone (yes, I did say she was my neighbor and yes, right next door) just to check on her and the kids and her husband. She had gone from two children to four, overnight! She went from running around to take care of her two children to, on her back (if she would only stay there) overnight. I was so delighted and blessed by the fact that I could help my friend!
It's just so amazing!
These babies are not babies anymore! Our children are growing up together (not as close in mileage as they used to be) and I believe my friend helped me to grow as a person and just plain, grow up, alot! She taught me alot in our short time as negihbors, but she has taught me even more in our time as friends!
I just think it's so, out of this world, that someone could be thanking me for help and all I want to do is thank her for that opportunity.
That time--------------oh unbelievably that time (there are many others)-------------I needed my friend to need me and I was given that opportunity and every day I am blessed by not only knowing her, but watching her children grow and become beautiful amazing, young people!
Her post on Facebook took me back, and the feeling of fullfilment, at that time in my life, was just what had been ordered! I couldn't even call her to tell her, I couldn't really even post back to her. I am still so blessed by that time in my life, how do I tell my friend your welcome when all I want to do is thank her!

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