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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


They way things rolled out, couldn't even be considered a coincidence!
For 7 months Larbo has been laid off of his job at the mill. Being the type of man that he is, he didn't stop him from still providing for his family (with some help from Mama), he found a place to work and pushed by all the negative thoughts and ideas that kept coming at him. He did what it was he had to do! That's just Larbo. Anyway, it wasn't easy, but we made it! All 5 of us, we have come through. Now, I know where that blessing came from and we all knew, that God had us in His hands. It wasn't easy, but we were completely provided for and have not missed out on a thing. Christmas and other gift givings were far less than what they were in the recent past for us, but we were never without celebration and reasons to celebrate, we just did it a little differently and it proved to be good! Now you know where we have been at for that last few months! Fast forward to the last 3 weeks and specifically yesterday!
3 weeks ago Larbo went back to the mill and began working any available shift or hour he could work!
Both of us relieved and looking forward.
We were excited as Mitchy's Birthday came up and I started planning the party he has wanted for the last 3 years! Bowling.
With ease, I planned it, invited friends and family.
Then I started to plan his "family" party! The plan was to keep it at home and go easy! Fortunately, schedules changed and we changed the family party to going out to eat for breakfast! Mitchy's favorite meal! He picked Bakers Square!
So we celebrated! Both parties were fantastic and a blessing to Mitch and to myself and Larbo! The breakfast went well and we were able to pick-up the bill! Now, that's a good feeling!
The next day we headed to the bowling alley and we picked up the bill for Mitchy's party! No stress. Mitch had fun and I know he was blessed and he left feeling like we celebrated! I think his Birthday celebration went on for a week! It was fun.
The morning of Mitchy's party, Larbo and I got into my car, I was driving. I said to Larbo, there's a vibration in my steering wheel, it just started, what would cause that?
He replied, it could be a number of things.
We arrived at the bowling alley and Larbo started checking out the car and the kiddos and I started to walk in and get the party started!
After the party, Larbo said to me "you need new tires".
I replied, "how much do you think that's going to cost?" I shot out a dollar amount, what we could afford!
He came back with a dollar amount $200 higher than my dollar amount and then said, it wasn't an option to let these tires be!
We started brainstorming and making phone calls. Can we find tires we can afford and can we borrow a car from someone for a week?
Stopped in and asked for an estimate at a nearby tire place and the dollar amount matched Larbo's initial dollar amount, so now, we decide to leave and discuss it in the car and see what else we could do! Two tires? Borrow a vehicle? Keep searching?
We're discussing and I'm dialing! Now, I have discovered, my tires are special order only, unless you want to buy some no name junk that may not hold up to the miles I put on my car. Now, what? Larbo gives me another tire place to call, so I dial and ask the same questions I have asked all the other places.
This place I called gave me the dollar amount we could afford at the moment, for all four tires. Now, I ask them what kind, the reply was no name junko, that I didn't want to waste money on, but the gentleman hears my hubby in the background asking for specific tires. The man on the other end of the phone says, "how many do you want?"
We all know I want four tires!
The next thing this gentleman says, "I have them, a customer ordered them two weeks ago and hasn't come back for them yet, I guess you could have them."
My reply, "we are turning in right now"!
Tires paid for, on the car, Mitchy's gifts, cake and pizza still inside the car, we all get in and buckle up. Honestly, all of this so far is pretty amazing to me, just the way it was all orchestrated.
The kicker: Seat belt clicked, I looked up and all the lights were out in the garage! The mechanics were putting on their coats and headed towards the exit. Closing TIME! We barely made it!
In my heart and my mind, I know, that this was just so beautifully orchestrated, it couldn't even be considered a coincidence!

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