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Thursday, February 4, 2010


I am going to ramble! There is so much on my mind I need to get out and so I'm going to! Don't worry if it doesn't make sense to you, because not all of it makes sense to me!

Two working parents suck!!!!!! It really sucks, yes there are good sides of it and yes, I could go into the whole positive thing right now, but I just don't want to! (picture me yelling and stomping my feet here!)

The employees that work with me(ahem, for me), probably work less than 3 hours a shift, I PROMISE, and they still like to complain about work. Oh yea and they also complain about the "safety stuff" that makes sure each and everyone of them and I get home each day!!!!!!! OH MY! C'mon! Can anyone else see a problem with maybe taking care of a train that mmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy go out very soon??? I mean if your only working less than 3 out of 8 hours, you think maybe you would make sure that the next consist going out, even if not on your shift, was ready? Just askin, I know I would!

Checked Adam's grades today, may I remind you we are in the 2nd week of the 3rd grading period. Oh ya, he is grounded until further notice! Oh that stinks for me too!

My husband is back at work and grabbing on to all the overtime he can! I hope he slows down soon! Oh ya, his boss is not at all nice and understanding like me! Ugh! I am so thankful he is back at work, but I kinda miss him (shhhhh please don't tell him)!!

I found the most fresh, yummy grocery store sushi today! It was so good, I stopped on my way home to buy more. On my way home, from purchasing the sushi, it dawned on me, that because of some certain family member, who shall remain nameless (our kids are such close friends and Baby girl is an absolute doll) I may have to share, said sushi, with Mitchy! Why didn't I buy a big pack?

Why is a good cucumber dill dip so yummy and so expensive?

Adam decided he needs two towels to take a shower!!!!!!!! We just don't have the time and energy for that!

Windy's science project is growing daily! At least we can grow green beans! What question was she trying to answer? What was her hypothesis? Oh wow!

Zumba the day after Pilates is not a good idea! For some reason I do it every week! Maybe if I didn't engage my core? Oh forget it, that's not even an option! Gotta engage the core otherwise my back would holler at me!

I think that tomorrow, after I help Adam clean out his locker (oh that sucks), I will come home and rest and maybe let my core go for a minute!

I have found my plateau in weight and need to find my way out of it, so I can lose another 7lbs. so I can have that massage I promised myself! OH mY!!

I woke my hubby up, who is working all the overtime he can get, to hear me rant and cuss about my employees for a minute! He woke up and listened and validated my feelings! But then he said it's about time, they have been taking advantage of you! Oh my, he's right! They are taking advantage! I have had a kind heart to a fault!

I know a kind heart is good! A kind heart to a fault is NOT good!
What a ramble! I feel better! Thanks for listening!

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  1. Sounds like you are getting it out. My husband just became unemployed, so we learning this new gift. LIfe is so fun, not.